If I Should Die Before I Live - Richard R Smyth - Bøger - Logos - 9781630514747 - November 21, 2017

If I Should Die Before I Live

Richard R Smyth

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If I Should Die Before I Live

A disquieting question persists: "What if I should die before I feel life is full?" It is deeply personal, hauntingly spiritual. It's a challenge to re-visit beliefs and the dynamics of faith, love, hope. Exploration brings a fresh encounter: the human and spiritual elements of "self." These are not contending identities; each supplies unique initiatives for life's fullness. Both need nurturing; either can be ignored. Spiritual experience makes promise and mystery real; this enhances earthly achievements.

These Meditations focus on spiritual vitality--especially for seniors. They reach beyond a biological birth-death time-frame. They touch on continuity beyond earth-time. God's initiatives enrich the spiritual self--grace energizes faith. This generates and motivates people to offer acts of love. Love fosters grander character and perspective, wholesome relationships, healing for the heart-hungry/heart-broken. The outcome: a healthier self experiencing joy and peace--wholeness for life beyond death.

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Released November 21, 2017
ISBN13 9781630514747
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Pages 240
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