Faith, Forensics, and Firearms - Charles Zeiders - Bøger - Chiron Publications - 9781630516659 - September 25, 2018

Faith, Forensics, and Firearms

Charles Zeiders

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Faith, Forensics, and Firearms

In Faith, Forensics, and Firearms, author Charles Zeiders offers case studies in forensic psychology from a Christian and Jungian perspective.

When one seeks civil redress for trauma, even a favorable outcome will not likely heal the heart of a plaintiff who has been raped, beaten, humiliated, violated, or treated unjustly. Forensic psychology analyzes human behavior as it applies to the law. The forensic psychologist establishes the merits of a case, then writes a report.

The following three case studies are included in Faith, Forensics, and Firearms

A student's contested application to own a firearm The rape of a patient's wife and the violent death of their son The assault of an African American mother by plainclothes police after they refuse to cease harassing her children

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Released September 25, 2018
ISBN13 9781630516659
Publishers Chiron Publications
Pages 120
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 11 mm   ·   335 g
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