The Misstep of Heather Bainbridge - C D Faulconer - Bøger - Indigo Sea Press - 9781630663933 - March 7, 2016

The Misstep of Heather Bainbridge

C D Faulconer

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The Misstep of Heather Bainbridge

When Heather is a month old her parents are killed in an automobile accident. The news comes at 3:06 a.m. to Heather's Aunt Claire; like a bullet already discharged singing through time and space with its song of death. Aunt Claire; loving, charitable, wise and beloved sister to Heather's deceased mother, will now raise Heather. Aunt Claire is Heather's ballast as she tries to help her niece understand the lurking cruelty in our world, as well as how to navigate life. Inherently, Heather is good inside, with a compassionate personality, but in spite of these qualities and her excellent upbringing; she falls in blind, capitulated love with a man ten years her senior. "The Misstep of Heather Bainbridge" is an introspective story about the conflict between good and evil. In the end, it becomes a story of loss, survival and redemption.

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Released March 7, 2016
ISBN13 9781630663933
Publishers Indigo Sea Press
Pages 184
Dimensions 140 × 216 × 10 mm   ·   217 g
Language English