Fine Underwear of Consciousness - Peter Freund - Bøger - AUSTIN MACAULEY PUBLISHERS USA - 9781641820523 - February 28, 2018

Fine Underwear of Consciousness

Peter Freund

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Fine Underwear of Consciousness

The novel is about the Cambridge-educated heir of a Pittsburgh steel fortune, who, during the Cold War, turns traitor to his country and causes the death of some honorable and well-intentioned people. The main story is about how this man, short of any solid moral principles, deals with his disgrace, while the waves of shame that wash up on his familys stormy shores devastate the lives of its other moneyed members. The suspense arises from the psychologically clever and morally compelling revenge of the son of one of the men who lost his life because of the heirs treason.

209 pages

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Released February 28, 2018
ISBN13 9781641820523
Pages 209
Dimensions 430 g

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