The Good Things Jesus Does For Us, To Us, And Through Us When We Follow Him - Michael Kotch - Bøger - Christian Faith Publishing, Inc - 9781643496436 - September 23, 2018

The Good Things Jesus Does For Us, To Us, And Through Us When We Follow Him

Michael Kotch

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The Good Things Jesus Does For Us, To Us, And Through Us When We Follow Him

Some Christians have not read much of the Bible and therefore are unaware of the information in it given to us by God. I have met many people who believe the Bible is just a book of rules or laws to be followed and a list of the punishments for those who do not follow them. This is the furthest thing from the truth. The Bible is actually full of information about the wonderful things God will do for those who love and follow Jesus. This book is a collection of statements in the New Testament that specifically reveal the good things Jesus will do for those that love and follow him. The good things that Jesus will do for his followers are divided into three sections in this book. First, Jesus does many good things for the people that follow him. An example of this is Jesus will remove and eliminate the sins of his followers. This both makes them righteous before the eyes of God, and it allows them to enter heaven when they die. God also answers their prayers and gives them help in their daily lives. Next, Jesus does good things to his followers. While they are still on earth, the Holy Spirit enters them and their soul comes alive, a term called "born again." The Holy Spirit living inside a follower of Jesus progressively transforms that person into acting like Jesus if that is what that person wants in his or her life. Additionally, the Holy Spirit gives that person strength, wisdom, and guidance to do God's will on earth. Once a follower of Jesus dies and goes to heaven, the remaining transformation of that person is spectacular. We are transformed into something equivalent to, yet different from, the angels. In heaven, we will be adopted children of God the Father and actual brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ. We will receive all of the benefits of being an immediate family member of God's family. Finally, there are good things God does through people that love and follow Jesus. While on earth, we are God's children, conducting work in his family business as his personal ambassadors to the rest of the world. With our cooperation, the Holy Spirit inside us uses us as instruments to do his will in positively impacting and helping the rest of his children on earth. As you will see, God in the Bible promises wonderful things for those that love and follow him.

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Released September 23, 2018
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