All Because of Love - Diana Falcone - Bøger - Christian Faith Publishing, Inc - 9781681979977 - December 20, 2016

All Because of Love

Diana Falcone

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All Because of Love

The author undertook the bold endeavor, through study and prayer, to discover the thoughts and feelings of the men, women, and children who met Jesus, portrayed in the Gospel of John. Listen as they themselves tell their own stories, interwoven with family and friends whom the author has creatively introduced. Watch with wonder as lives are radically transformed with breathtaking results.
Use this devotional to draw ever closer to Jesus and experience, in your own life, the touch of his boundless love. Satisfy the profound yearnings hidden in your heart--longings God, in his goodness, has inscribed with his very own signature.
We come to God by love, we are transformed by love, and we are his, now and forever--All Because of Love!

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Released December 20, 2016
ISBN13 9781681979977
Publishers Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Pages 288
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