Ketogenesis - Marcus Ketting - Bøger - INDEPENDENTLY PUBLISHED - 9781718123892 - August 12, 2018


Marcus Ketting

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KETOGENESIS IS A PROCESS WITHIN THE BODY...... A 'DIET' IS WHAT YOU CONSUME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. This easy to follow guide on the Ketogenic Diet enables readers to understand the foods they need to include, and the ones best avoided, what ketogenesis is, and how it is useful, and what to be mindful of. All of the 'must have' foods are included, as well as 38 quick & easy recipes that can be used on a daily basis & easily adapted to any budget. There are salads, snacks, mains and desserts, specifically designed for everyday meals that actually taste good, keep you full while giving your body vital energy and nourishment.

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Released August 12, 2018
ISBN13 9781718123892
Pages 58
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Language English