It's Bedtime Lil' Marco - Sharon Jones-Scaife - Bøger - Coffee Creek Media Group - 9781732686762 - April 23, 2019

It's Bedtime Lil' Marco

Sharon Jones-Scaife

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It's Bedtime Lil' Marco

Lil' Marco loves to play and could play from sunup to sundown except every evening, without fail, his Daddy says, "It's bedtime, Lil' Marco!" Oh, those dreaded words! Just hearing them causes Lil' Marco to find even more toys to play with - a ball, a truck, a teddy bear. Except playing does not stop his eyes from getting heavy. They get heavier while playing during and after his bath. Finally, tucked in bed with his eyes nearly closed, Lil' Marco decides playing can wait til' the next day. It's bedtime.

Media Books     Hardcover Book   (Book with hard spine and cover)
Released April 23, 2019
ISBN13 9781732686762
Publishers Coffee Creek Media Group
Pages 30
Dimensions 178 × 254 × 6 mm   ·   299 g
Language English  

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