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Jesus the Appearance

M Sue Alexander

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Jesus the Appearance

Jesus appears in the night sky seven years after harsh tribulation occurs on earth. Leading up to Christ's return, Mary Taylor Lindsey must suffer many trials. This is a multi-layered storyline with many moving parts and several scenarios of characters living out their "Time of Jacob's Trouble." As the last half of the Tribulation unfolds, Mary finds that her marriage to Detective Andrew Taylor is far from perfect. Their goals are different and the timing for a loving home relationship is not possible. Without the "mark" an international banking chip, they become homeless. Cory Lindsey is the hero of this story as he steps up to help Mary and her adopted son David. Suffering the death of his wife Alexi, he leans on Mary to assist in caring for his own two children. Meanwhile, the locust beasts from the Pit of Hell are loosed upon earth and part of the Seven Bowl Judgments. God's persecution of His creation--both planet earth and people--is intended to draw attention to His mercy through grace. Salvation of souls is more important than the comfort of humankind. Readers will not like that God seems at times to abandon Mary and other characters. But who can understand the the Mind of God? Heat and darkness, drought and rain, violent storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, hunger, and homelessness drive people crazy. They either love God and repent or hate Him and all Christians. The Global Military Army in conjunction with the International Police Force are determined to destroy every Christian brick-and-mortar church in the world. Satan's indwelling of Honorable Dr. Lazarus Bacon's resurrected human body is not what he expected. Physical limitation to move around in the atmosphere plagues Lucifer ( or Satan). His decaying body is a problem. His Image (Xyrox) and a 20-foot golden image standing on the Mount of Olives makes a huge statement to the world. Worship me as God or suffer the consequences. Mary's emotions are all over the place as she experiences sadness, loss, confusion, and catapults even to the point of insanity. Her purpose in life is to serve Jesus, and Him alone. Ultimately, she will find a place where peace abides and resolve how to live out the rest of her life on earth. Yet, knowing that God uses ordinary people to accomplish phenomenal goals in life lends comfort. It is Christmas Even, 2032, people in Jerusalem stand in awe as they spy a tiny light in the night sky. Is it the asteroid making another sweep at the earth? Or is it Jesus Christ returning to earth as He promised His Twelve Disciples over 2,000 years ago? The Battle of Armageddon had demolished the Tribulation Temple and much of Jerusalem, including the golden idol standing on the Mount of Olives. Look! The light grows larger and there's a image of a man inside. The angelic hosts joined with millions of martyred and Old Testament Saints appear as waves of clouds inside the glorious light of God's Son. Soon, Jesus' feet will touch down on the Mount of Olives and the Millennial Kingdom will begin. It will be a thousand-year reign where the lamb lays down with the lion, and wars cease. A new calendar will be forged as history goes forward. Satan? He's hiding out; his fate sealed. He will be bound and jailed alongside his minions. No joy there!

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released March 11, 2021
ISBN13 9781733267175
Publishers Suzander Publishing LLC
Pages 256
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 14 mm   ·   344 g
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