I Heard my Daddy Pray for Me - Anna Durrence - Bøger - For My King - 9781734597028 - May 5, 2020

I Heard my Daddy Pray for Me

Anna Durrence

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I Heard my Daddy Pray for Me

For the first time ever, a children's book has been written that sheds light on the profound power that a praying father has on his child....from a child's perspective! This book will be the perfect bedtime story. The rhythmic beat and sweet content will appeal to both parents and children. What better way could a child enter sleep than their father reading a bedtime story about a praying father?

A little girl is distracted from sleep by a light from down the hall. She and her baby brother go to investigate. What they find is their father praying by his bed! They overhear the prayer and it makes a life-changing impact on their little souls.

How will this affect the little ears that hear this story? How will it affect their parents?

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released May 5, 2020
ISBN13 9781734597028
Publishers For My King
Pages 34
Dimensions 216 × 280 × 2 mm   ·   136 g
Language English  

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