Lord of the World - Robert Hugh Benson - Books - Benediction Classics - 9781781393048 - October 3, 2012
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Lord of the World

Robert Hugh Benson

Lord of the World

This visionary dystopian and apocalyptic novel of 1907 presents a future in which secular humanism has triumphed, with religion suppressed and almost non-existent. It follows the fortunes of an M. P. and his wife, who come under the sway of the antichrist figure, the titular Lord of the World, who appears to promise a heaven on earth, and a catholic priest, who is fighting to keep the Church alive through its many tribulations. It is highly readable and seems prescient on many counts - the rise of communist states, the advent of air travel and the dominating power of a forceful leader - but its strong Catholic bias has tended to limit its readership. This handsome new edition has been completely re-typeset to be clear and complete.

Media Books     Hardcover Book   (Book with hard spine and cover)
Released October 3, 2012
ISBN13 9781781393048
Publishers Benediction Classics
Pages 336
Dimensions 150 × 22 × 226 mm   ·   662 g
Language English  

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