Rimworld- Militia Up - Jl Curtis - Bøger - Independently Published - 9781790774036 - January 3, 2019

Rimworld- Militia Up

Jl Curtis

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Rimworld- Militia Up

It was supposed to be a simple contract for a couple of months of security services off world, but the devil's in the details. Tight Bridge Technologies hired Ethan Fargo and his militia to guard their power stations on the planet Endine against mob unrest and sabotage. When they arrive, they find the planetary authorities don't want outsiders around to uncover their dirty secrets, and the Galactic Patrol's not interested in providing backup. They all but order him to stop making waves, kicking asses, and taking names. The harder Fargo works to keep his people safe, the more troubles he finds. Dragoons and pirates are stalking the outer system, while the planet itself is a snakepit of treachery, tyranny, rebellion, and corruption. Everyone wants him to fail, while taking the blame. They made one mistake: they underestimated Ethan Fargo. After the locals kills two of his Ghorkas, and kidnap his lady, he's out for blood, and to hell with anything in his way...

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released January 3, 2019
ISBN13 9781790774036
Publishers Independently Published
Pages 416
Dimensions 129 × 198 × 22 mm   ·   403 g
Language English  

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