The Ultimate Secret Weapon of Fitness for Women - Wade Hoover - Bøger - Independently Published - 9781791331375 - December 9, 2018

The Ultimate Secret Weapon of Fitness for Women

Wade Hoover

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The Ultimate Secret Weapon of Fitness for Women

After more than 30 years in the gym, training for sports success, I began to teach others. During my years of training for my own success, I learned a great deal about fitness. I learned from reading, speaking to those with experience, and through a great deal of trial-and-error. I now have total control over my own physique.

After more than a decade of teaching and training others, I have learned a great deal as well. I learned that this is not for everyone. Far too many people are looking for a "Hack," some sort of trick to bypass any discomfort to reach their fitness goals. To those folks, I have to say, this is not for you. I'm sorry. If you want a trick or a quick fix, I can't help you. For those of you who REALLY Want it, yes, this IS for YOU!

This is NOT a quick fix. The reality is, there is no quick fix. Quick fixes are ALL scams. (That is explained in this book.) This book, on the other hand, is merely an effective (possibly the MOST effective) method for achieving your fitness goals as efficiently as possible. It is a sensible process. And, it works!

"The Ultimate Secret of Fitness for Women" is only for the truly committed. However, it is NOT only for women. This process was created for anyone who wants to reach their fitness goals safely and effectively. This works for men and women. It was written with women in mind for one simple reason. When I share these methods with men, they like what I share immediately. Women, typically set different goals and have more questions. I wrote this book to address those questions. Everything you need (for men and women) is right here.

So, if you are the real-deal, and really want it, let's get started!

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Released December 9, 2018
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