Battle of the Peaks and Long Stop Hill: Tunisia, April-May 1943 - Ian Mitchell - Bøger - Helion & Company - 9781804510544 - December 1, 2022

Battle of the Peaks and Long Stop Hill: Tunisia, April-May 1943 Reprint edition

Ian Mitchell

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Battle of the Peaks and Long Stop Hill: Tunisia, April-May 1943 Reprint edition

The Battle of the Peaks is the first book to be devoted to a series of forgotten battles in the spring of 1943 in the hills of northern Tunisia. The author brings to life the fascinating story of a successful British victory in April 1943 largely achieved by the 78th "Battle Axe" Division which has been all but forgotten by most historians. This book describes how well led British troops wrested control of a series of high peaks, and thus inflicted a clear defeat on troops of the famed Afrika Korps. This in turn secured a victory which soon led to the surrender of 250,000 Axis troops in May 1943. The author begins by tracing the background to these operations and the wider Tunisian campaign. It then briefly describes the bloody race for Tunis in late 1942 and the first battle of Longstop Hill on Christmas Day. He continues by chronicling in detail the tough fighting during Operations Sweep and Vulcan that took place in the hills west and north of Medjez el Bab, Tunisia in spring 1943. The book provides a clear picture both of the infantry and tank operations but also the key role played by supporting troops in this battle. This account focuses not only on the fighting but also of the personality and character of the men who fought, and sometimes died, in the Battle of the Peaks. It concludes with a detailed description of the fighting during the final Battle of Longstop Hill, an action that led to the award of a Victoria Cross to Major Jack Anderson. Written by a former Army officer and amateur historian, this book is based on extensive research using both primary sources and several unpublished personal accounts. It includes 12 specifically designed maps and 30 rarely seen photographs of the battle and the battle area.

368 pages

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