Curse of the Dark Prince - Ariana Nash - Books - Pippa DaCosta Author - 9781838185152 - March 14, 2021
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Curse of the Dark Prince

Ariana Nash

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Curse of the Dark Prince

With the powerful cities of Seran and Loreen having fallen to elves, and the dark flame escaping its bonds, Prince Vasili Caville's plight has never been more desperate. But for the first time in his lifetime, he's not alone. With the formidable Nikolas Yazdan at his side, not all is lost.

But Nikolas has changed. The Yazdan legacy has caught up with him, and as strong and stubborn as he is, nobody can resist the flame's call for long. For all his words of honor and sacrifice, Vasili fears he's losing Nikolas, and with him any chance of defeating the elves for good.

Love, power, control. To save both himself and Nikolas, Vasili must surrender it all and embrace everything a Caville is destined to be. For beneath the broken palace, hidden inside its heart, lies the answer to everything. And all it will cost, is love.

The Prince's Assassin series comes to its explosive conclusion in Curse of the Dark Prince, the third and final book.


Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released March 14, 2021
ISBN13 9781838185152
Publishers Pippa DaCosta Author
Pages 400
Dimensions 127 × 203 × 23 mm   ·   430 g
Language English  

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