Falklands War: Then and Now -  - Bøger - After the Battle - 9781870067713 - March 30, 2009

Falklands War: Then and Now

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Falklands War: Then and Now

In 1982, Argentina rashly gambled that a full-scale invasion of the Falklands Islands - ownership of which had been disputed with Great Britain for over a century - would put an end to years of political wrangling. This title lists the casualties of both sides and the graves of all the British fallen - both on the islands and the United Kingdom.

624 pages, over 1600 colour and black and white illustrations

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Released Storbritannien, March 30, 2009
ISBN13 9781870067713
Publishers After the Battle
Pages 624
Dimensions 306 × 224 × 45 mm   ·   2.8 kg
Editor Ramsey, Gordon