The Mystery of the Four Fingers - Frederick Merrick White - Bøger - Magic Lamp Press - 9781882629893 - June 23, 2008

The Mystery of the Four Fingers

Frederick Merrick White

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The Mystery of the Four Fingers

Any reasonable summary of this book's plot would give away too much of the mystery it describes, so suffice it to say that it is a definite 'page-turner.' Right from the first chapter, when we learn about the mysterious recently-turned-millionaire Fenwick being strangely horrified by what he sees in a small silver box he finds on his dinner-table, we learn that he may not be what he appears to be, and that his lovely daughter may have a mysterious past of her own. The main characters of the story are a wealthy lawyer named Jim Gurdon, and his world-travelling, tanned, adventurous friend Gerald Venner, who amazes Gurdon and the readers with his own story about the alleged millionaire Fenwick, his daughter, and some other noteworthy characters.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released June 23, 2008
ISBN13 9781882629893
Publishers Magic Lamp Press
Pages 216
Dimensions 150 × 12 × 226 mm   ·   299 g
Language English  

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