Mathematical Puzzles & Other Curiosities for Bright Young Minds - Steven. Hodder - Bøger - Takahe Publishing Ltd - 9781908837035 - May 2, 2016

Mathematical Puzzles & Other Curiosities for Bright Young Minds

Steven. Hodder

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Mathematical Puzzles & Other Curiosities for Bright Young Minds

This book has been written for bright young people who want some extra material to add to their mathematical skills and to introduce some further topics of interest. It presents a range of topics in a friendly and informative way with examples and questions throughout, along with further questions and answers for each chapter. The mathematical content, along with the other topics, has been selected for intriguing aspects that are likely to appeal to students of all ages and will hopefully inspire them to seek further knowledge. The author, Steven Hodder, studied mathematics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and subsequently became a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Coventry University. He has extensive teaching experience in both mathematics and computer science - this book brings out some of the aspects that he found people enjoyed and is pitched at a level that is comprehensible to a wide range of ages and abilities. The book is meant to be fun and an incentive to find out more. There are easy bits as well as some more challenging content, but it will provide a great resource that can be referred to for many years. Apart from the mathematical content, there are also sections that include codes, philosophy, paradoxes, logic, computers, and navigation. The book finishes with a chapter on mathematical tricks which demonstrates various shortcuts and ways of impressing friends.

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Released May 2, 2016
ISBN13 9781908837035
Publishers Takahe Publishing Ltd
Pages 150
Dimensions 189 × 246 × 10 mm   ·   371 g
Language English  

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