Rethinking Management Education for the 21st Century (Pb) - Charles Wankel - Bøger - Information Age Publishing - 9781930608207 - 2002

Rethinking Management Education for the 21st Century (Pb)

Charles Wankel

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Rethinking Management Education for the 21st Century (Pb)

Publisher Marketing: Divided into four parts, this title covers: rethinking what we teach in management education; rethinking management education in cyberspace; rethinking management education for executives; and critical reflections on management education for the 21st century. Contributor Bio:  Wankel, Charles Charles Wankel is Professor of Management at St. John's University, New York. He holds a doctorate from New York University, where he was admitted to the Beta Gamma Sigma national honor society for business disciplines. Columbia University's American Assembly identified him as one of the nation's top experts on Total Quality Management. He received the Outstanding Service in Management Education & Development Award at both the 2004 and 2005 meetings of the Academy of Management (AOM). AOM also presented its Best Paper in Management Education Award to him in 1991, and he has been selected to serve as an officer of AOM divisions every year for more than a decade. Along with Robert DeFillippi, he has been editing a multi-volume series for AOM on management education issues: the Research in Management Education & Development Series. Wankel is the leading founder and director of scholarly virtual communities for management professors, currently directing more than seven listservs with thousands of participants in more than 70 nations.(A Google search for "Charles Wankel" will provide you with an awareness of the scope of his online prominence.) He co-authored a bestselling undergraduate textbook, Management, in the 1980s with Prentice Hall, published a scholarly book on interorganizational strategy development in Poland, and numerous scholarly articles, monographs, and chapters. He has extensive international experience, ranging from the United Arab Emirates to Vietnam, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Mexico. He has been an invited lecturer to Harvard and Columbia, as well as the Czech Management Center, University of Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Malaysia, National University of Singapore, and University of Toronto, and he taught and researched at Kaunas Technical University in Lithuania in 1997 under a Fulbright Fellowship Grant. His current research interests include managing geographically and temporally distributed teams and new pedagogies of management education.

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Released 2002
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Publishers Information Age Publishing
Pages 236
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