A Revelation of Our Savior - Seventh Battle Publishing - Bger - Seventh Battle Publishing - 9781952811104 - February 11, 2022

A Revelation of Our Savior

Seventh Battle Publishing

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A Revelation of Our Savior

Award-Winning Finalist in Religious Fiction at the 2021 American Fiction Awards Hidden in the forests of Romania, buried deep underground, a treasure house of secret documents has been kept out of sight for millennia. When a team of researchers accidentally discovers the documents, warnings are whispered. People vanish. The camp suffers a midnight attack. And a secret order of religious zealots will stop at nothing to keep the truth from being revealed to the world. But what is that truth? Dr. Michel S. Curllen is the only person to survive the tragedy and escape with the secret documents. Now, in his own words, he describes the harrowing account of the most significant discovery of ancient artifacts to happen in over 75 years - and you can read one of those documents for yourself: The Revelation of Simon, a follower of the Christ. Painstakingly translated by Dr. Curllen, including an in-depth analysis of the Revelation, you can decide for yourself what it was that was so dangerous that people had to die, and Dr. Curllen had to suffer so much. Hidden for 2,000 years. Protected by a secret order. Read what was never meant to be seen again.

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Released February 11, 2022
ISBN13 9781952811104
Publishers Seventh Battle Publishing
Pages 234
Dimensions 107 177 13 mm   ·   190 g
Language English