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Leaving Revolution

Wisdom Consulting

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Leaving Revolution

There are three truths of leaving a job, relationship, home, religion, or identity: Things will not go exactly as planned. It will utterly and completely be worth it. It will change your life in amazing ways.

This first-of-its-kind book describes how we are beginning to understand the concept of leaving as an essential component of living. Clinical psychologist Jennifer P. Wisdom asserts that leaving is not the same as quitting, and moving on is not a sign of weakness. This unique book integrates psychology, literature, her experiences as a leaver, and interviews with more than 100 people to discuss leaving and staying. It provides a unique and comprehensive discussion of how and why we let go and move on.

Having the courage to leave what's not working - and overcoming the fears that lead to unhealthy staying - can be the healthiest choice we can make.

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Released January 3, 2022
ISBN13 9781954374423
Publishers Wisdom Consulting
Pages 234
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