Temptations and Trials Faced by Bible Legends - Michael Kotch - Bøger - WestBow Press - 9781973639497 - September 21, 2018

Temptations and Trials Faced by Bible Legends

Michael Kotch

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Temptations and Trials Faced by Bible Legends

We all face temptations and trials in our lives, and how we deal with these times can be defining moments in our lives. So how do we choose the right thing instead of the easiest thing, or the most pleasurable thing? The best way for Christians to successfully respond to temptations and trials in their lives is to start with the Bible.

Temptations and Trials Faced by Bible Legends looks at temptations and trials that major characters of the Bible faced, and author and psychologist Michael Kotch shows how these Bible legends tended to fall into one of three categories when faced with a major trial or temptation: either they turned to God for guidance and did whatever God wanted them to do, or they did not follow God, with one group repenting for their disobedience and the other group simply continuing in the wrong direction. In the end, we can learn how doing what is right in God's eyes can be much different than doing what is "right" in our own, and that the best outcomes follow from consulting with God.

God promises that we will never be tempted beyond our abilities, and he will always provide us with a way out of our temptations and trials. And for Christians, when we read the Bible daily, use it to create a plan of action, and always do what is right according to God, we can be confident in God's leadership as we develop a character in the image of Christ.

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Released September 21, 2018
ISBN13 9781973639497
Publishers WestBow Press
Pages 196
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