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Buffalo Children

Carol Klein

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Buffalo Children

Buffalo Children is the autobiography of Carol Klein who raises buffalo on a farm in the Ozarks of Missouri. The story covers a twenty two year period during which time she was widowed after forty three years of marriage. Carol mentors new farmers and ranchers to help them get a successful start with their bison herds. She covers the nature of the American National Mammal, the bison, and the nutritional qualities of the food they provide. Pictures in the book provide a window into the life of the buffalo on a farm. They remain wild animals and cannot be domesticated, creating challenges in handling and confining bison. Managing the land of the farm is a source of much of the work required in farming livestock. Fences and handling equipment for bison have much higher requirements. Eating bison meats provide the economic returns for the farm to survive. Marketing meats and animals is described in depth as she learns to sell at farmers markets, on farm, and to health food stores and restaurants. You will also attend auctions where buffalo are sold. Maintaining the health of the herd is a vital concern. These are covered with specific details of individual animal's story. At times Carol has to bottle feed orphaned or ill animals. Each experience leads to greater understanding of how to care for the herd. Carol's love of the animals shines through her stories as she takes you along to care for the buffalo babes. There are about five hundred thousand buffalo today. It is an impressive comeback for the animals after being decimated to fewer than a thousand animals a hundred years ago. Much of the success of their restoration is due to the efforts of private citizens and ranchers. The National Bison Association is spearheading a campaign to restore bison over the next ten years to reach One Million Bison. Consumers are a partner in this effort by buying meats to provide the economic return for farmers to be able to raise bison. Heartwarming stories through the book will keep you rooting for the buffalo babes. The book is intended to mentor new farmers as they endeavor to learn how to best raise and handle bison on the farm. Readers will become aware of how food is raised and issues of health, nutrition, food safety and animal welfare. Buffalo Children stories will warm your heart and encourage the restoration of the American Bison.

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Released July 28, 2017
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