Look Half Your Age Or Even Younger - Alexander Jumbo - Bøger - Createspace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781974227624 - September 24, 2017
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Look Half Your Age Or Even Younger

Alexander Jumbo

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Look Half Your Age Or Even Younger

Is it not a matter for extreme happiness to be slim, strong and healthy at age 70; and look young as well? Certainly, it is! But certainly, we cannot start working for this at age 70. We have to start off early. This might be as early as from age 30 or earlier. Body weight can bounce back if good care is differed. This Book: 'Look Half Your Age or Even Younger' is written by Alexander who started off on the road to good health from age 38 when he first experienced irregular heart palpitations, likely caused by overweight. Since then he doesn't turn his back to good health. At age 73, Alex who hardly consults a health practitioner, was scarred into Emergency Department of the University College London Hospital [UCLH], London, UK, when he believed he was having a heart attack. After the Heart Clinician completed his tests, he reported to the Doctor who entered the cubicle to inform Alex: "Mr Jumbo, you have a very good heart". I thanked God! The Doctor went further, to my surprise, praised me for looking very young for my age. But I was not discharged immediately. They carried out numerous tests to find, I think, what was the cause of the pain I felt close to my heart. After spending many hours in the air conditioned cubicle, waiting for tests' results, with only a hospital apron over my upper body, I suddenly caught cold that disorganised my system. After about 6 hours, I was discharged; but had to get back to the Emergency Department after 5 days, to be admitted as an in-patient for 3 days. All these happened in November/December 2015. I received much water drips those 3 days. I think the water drips swelled my legs and feet. I was referred to the Mobility Out-patients Department, where I received far more praise from a Clinician and Nurses for looking very young for my age. This is indeed what this book is about: to set you on the road to 'looking very young for your age.' It is indeed what I have developed and practiced from age 38 to now,75. I give thanks to God! It is an easy book to read. 1st, it makes you believe you can make it. Secondly, it introduces you to good foods and supplements. Thirdly, it reminds you how your body functions. 4th, it teaches you how to have a peaceful home and married life. 5. Teaches you what can keep you a happy person. 6. How you can push back aging 7 is about the writer: Alexander! "I WISH YOU A SPEEDY SUCCESS!"

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Released September 24, 2017
ISBN13 9781974227624
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