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The One Goal

Thibaut Meurisse

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The One Goal

What if that dream that you hold in your mind was actually possible?

As Napoleon Hill wrote, a goal is a dream with a deadline, but having a deadline is merely the beginning.

How do you ensure that you actually achieve your goal? After all, 92% of people who set New Year's Resolutions don't stick to them.

In this book you'll learn the exact blueprint to achieve all the goals and dreams you're most excited about

More specifically you'll learn:

How to set goals fully aligned with your personal values to build lasting motivation and unstoppable enthusiasmThe blueprint to develop an unbeatable mindset and achieve insanely demanding goalsThe Bullet-Proof Timeframe to boost your perseveranceThe Mastery Mindset and its 5 Commandments so that you can achieve any future goal in any area of your lifeThe Psychology of Expertise to shorten your learning curve and position yourself as an expert faster than you thought possibleAnd much much more!

You'll also get:

A free downloadable workbook to ensure you take action toward your goalA free series of 10 videos to guide you through the process and build accountabilityOther additional resources to further help you with your goal

If you ever failed to achieve your goals in the past, The One Goal will provide you with the exact blueprint you need to achieve any goal for the rest of your life.

So, if you want more from life, don't wait, click the BUY button and grab your copy of The One Goal now.

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Released September 30, 2017
ISBN13 9781977797063
Publishers Createspace Independent Publishing Platf
Pages 182
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