Erotic Vacation in Kabukicho - E P Silins - Bøger - Createspace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781977817235 - January 2, 2018

Erotic Vacation in Kabukicho

E P Silins

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Erotic Vacation in Kabukicho

Heroine Jo-Annie Ryder is a sensual young Thai-American wife, living in Nevada with a well-educated and philosophical husband, Dane, who gives her free rein to discover and develop her autonomous womanhood. Volume One of this novel depicts how her uninhibited mind, generous spirit, and voluptuous body propel her into a series of unusual events and encounters which serve to expand her conception of herself as an erotic person. In the process, Dane himself is moved to accept her need to go beyond the bounds of conventional monogamy and to grow along with her in the achievements and challenges that her life style presents. With permission of her understanding husband, Jo-Annie acquires a cultured Japanese-American lover, Kenji, who invites her to accompany him on a business trip to Japan. After extensive sightseeing all around, he introduces her to exotic Kabukicho, a red-light entertainment district in Tokyo, in which Japanese eroticism is expressed in such fullness of variety and refinement as to astonish the Western mind. Jo-Annie dives into a veritable Disneyland of sex clubs and fantasy salons beyond her wildest dreams. It is the kind of erotic playground in which she finds a kaleidoscopic array of establishments and activities catering to the sexual fantasies of a nation whose social life otherwise is bound by restrictive rules of class and conduct (except on the overcrowded trains). With the artful use of updated stories, Jo-Annie keeps Dane apprised of her adventures and discoveries, gradually revealing her wilder ones. Toshiko, a female university student, befriends Jo-Annie and serves as a companion guide to historical sites around Tokyo while Kenji is preoccupied at business meetings. The two of them take Jo-Annie on a climb to the top of Mt. Fuji where they spring a climactic surprise upon Jo-Annie involving Dane half a world away. Discerning Jo-Annie's bent for the erotic, Toshiko hunts up a fitting job for Jo-Annie as a "hitozuma" girl, in which her status as an actual wife is central to her play-acting role as a wayward adulteress with clients in Madam Mariposa's sex club. After extending her vacation to gain more experience at Madam Mariposa's, Jo-Annie is ready to return to her husband in America. But she has been so imprinted by her vacation time in Kabukicho that it will be an indelible part of her psyche and persona, which Dane will be challenged to incorporate into his own outlook on life. Volume Two of this novel will depict how they will do that.

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Released January 2, 2018
ISBN13 9781977817235
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Pages 426
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