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Unknown to History

Charlotte Mary Yonge

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Unknown to History

Charlotte Mary Yonge was a British writer during the 19th century. She devoted her writing to the church and the Oxford Movement, which strove to bring the church back to the ideals of the 17th century. Among the best known of her works are Heartsease; or, The Brother's Wife (1854), The Daisy Chain; or, Aspirations (1856), A History of Christian Names (1863, revised 1884), A Book of Golden Deeds (1864), The Dove in the Eagle's Nest (1866), Life of John Coleridge Patteson: Missionary Bishop of the Melanesian Islands (1873) and Hannah More (1888). In Unknown to History: a story of the captivity of Mary of Scotland the story of Cicely Tailbot is told. Cicely was the daughter of Mary Stewart. The story of Mary's captivity is told in detail and the portrait of Elizabeth is done in an excellent manner.

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Released October 1, 2017
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