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Benefits of Serving God

Kenneth Kanu

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Benefits of Serving God

Many don't know that God rewards for services we render to Him here in this time and also grant us eternal life afterward in Heaven. Many believers have been erroneously taught; that the reward for their labor in God's vineyard will be when they get to heaven. So they believe that they have to endure hardship, poverty suffering all manner of humiliations here on earth pending when they get to Heaven before they can get their reward for their service unto God. In this book, I showed you from scripture, even from the mouth of the Master Himself (Jesus) that God rewards us here on earth, and afterward, He also rewards us with eternal life in Heaven. I showed you how to serve God actually because God does not accept anyhow service. God has a standard and must be adhered to if one's service must be approved and deserve a reward. I also showed the reader from the scripture men who enjoyed these benefits here on earth and also how they enjoyed eternal life in Heaven.

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Released October 2, 2017
ISBN13 9781977855145
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