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The Drug Machine

David Fountain

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The Drug Machine

I lost my glasses in the sea. I came round shivering in a silver blanket on my way to hospital. They took my wet clothes and stuffed them in a black rubbish sack. They pushed a thermometer up my backside and said I could stay until the hypothermia was gone. A general hospital is no place for someone who tries to end his own life. You are not deserving of their care and they give you little synpathy. I tried to explain. 'I wanted to walk to Australia.' They said I needed psychiatric treatment. Who can Richard believe or trust on the psychiatric ward? The psychiatrist insists his delusions are caused by drug abuse and the drug testing machine backs up her theory, yet Richard knows his problems are nothing to do with drugs ..... just what is going on?David Fountain's extraordinary tale of professional incompetence and denial is tempered by humour and a compassionate understanding of other people's failings.'A disturbing and insightful read.' Julia Bell, novelist.'A real page turner.' The Literary Consultancy.'One of the best books I've read in a long time.' Simon Massey, Rethink.

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Released January 19, 2020
ISBN13 9781977929952
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Pages 204
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