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Get Your House In Order!

Earlee W Washington Ma

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Get Your House In Order!

BOOK DESCRIPTION: From listening to women over the past 15 years share their most intimate stories while gathered at a stylish retreat for "women only", it became very clear to this essayist that a simple fact was true: women are misjudged, and misheard. This is no surprise to women. But, there was one gloomy truth that repeatedly unfolded through the 15 years of listening to women chat in intimate circles, fireside chats, and in listening to the brave women share their stories in counseling, that heart-shaking truth caused this author to pen yet another collection of essays: and that was women's view and judgment of women. This small yet stunning collection of truth-telling essays will leave you thoughtful and endeared towards the ever evolving mystery of understanding what women feel about women. It's a must read for both sexes!

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Released December 29, 2017
ISBN13 9781977944900
Publishers Createspace Independent Publishing Platf
Pages 62
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 3 mm   ·   95 g
Language English