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Relationships In A Nutshell

Kirsten Maxine Albright

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Relationships In A Nutshell

If you want relationship advice on how to build a lasting bond based on mutual respect and understanding with your partner, then get reading this romance and sex guide and achieve happiness and contentment!Stepping into the adult world of sexual attraction can be difficult for both men and women, but with careful advice and guidance it can be navigated, leading to fulfilling romance and sex for those with the confidence to go out and meet people. This book will help you understand what your partner needs from you to make her feel secure and happy with you. It's full of relationship advice and guidance for young men and the women they want to charm. Including chapters on how to communicate, and a comprehensive sex guide to help you and your partner get the most out of your sexual encounters, 'In A Nutshell' delivers the lowdown on sexual attraction in the adult world.

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Released June 3, 2015
ISBN13 9781978223424
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