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The Gifts of the Spirit

Rev Dr Tommy Rodriguez Jr

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The Gifts of the Spirit

THIS SINGLE-PERSPECTIVE, ONENESS THEOLOGICAL Argument was written with the primary aim of providing clarity to all Christians world-wide, with reference to a grossly misunderstood and commonly mis-taught Biblical subject matter-The Gifts of The Spirit (a.k.a., Spiritual Gifts). In achieving this objective, I have chosen to utilize an in-depth approach of the Word of God. In short, I have provided several Scriptures which ought to facilitate the process in attaining complete understanding of this somewhat debatable and grossly misunderstood Biblical subject matter (as already stated). I would like to submit the following thesis statement as the central assertion of this theological paper: The current theological and Biblical teaching on The Gifts of The Spirit, by countless Christian Pastors, Biblical and Seminary teachers, as well as clergy, including fellow theologians, has shown to present nothing more than a lack of knowledge and proper understanding as to what truly constitutes a Spiritual Gift. Hence, upon great scrutiny of the current theological and Biblical research by many of the current 21st-century Pastors, Biblical teachers, clergymen, theologian's, etc., one will clearly notice that their viewpoint appears to be laden with numerous Scriptural inconsistencies, not to mention the wrongful limiting of their teachings to only include Spiritual Gifts found within I Corinthians, Chapter 12. The general presupposition, then, rests solely upon the following Claim: What is presented to you within this Single-perspective, Oneness Theological Argument, not only offers the most complete explanation of The Gifts of The Spirit, but it also provides the most solid Evidence as to why this Theological Argument is the best persuasive Oneness Christian Doctrinal viewpoint. In short, it presents a sound Biblical, theological, contextual, hermeneutical, exegetical, and historical presentation of the Spiritual Gifts! With this said, nonetheless, let it be known that this Theological Thesis will be presented from a purely Apostolic Doctrinal perspective-God's perspective. As you read through this Single-perspective, Oneness Theological Argument, I ask that you sincerely pray-seeking after The Wisdom of God-asking God to unveil His truth, to provide complete understanding of this profound subject matter, and to reveal the spiritual significance of The Gifts of The Spirit as described within the Bible in order to properly edify unto Believers and non-Believers alike.

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