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GOALS, Aims, Aspirations

Alexander Jumbo

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GOALS, Aims, Aspirations

You are welcome! To 'GOALS, Aims, Aspirations' Dear Reader, thank you for reading this book. 'GOALS, Aims, Aspirations' presents you with quick and frank methods of attaining what you want, be it material or spiritual. Life at times can be very difficult, especially when one needs funding. There are also situations when funding cannot solve a problem. It is in such circumstances that it becomes necessary to apply the powers of your mind to solve your problems. This is how the Author has solved many of his problems. The author Alexander works hard to plant 'Belief' in the mind of each reader. In Chapter 1 you will learn about the outcomes of the author's application of these mental methods to obtain what were impossible for him to obtain otherwise. Chapter 2 contains the methods with which to attain your aspirations. In Chapter 3 is a list of benefits these methods, subconsciously applied by him and his parents, have worked wonders. In Chapter 4 is listed lifestyle principles that bring your desires closer to you. Chapter 5 advises on how to live together with your partner to generate peace so essential for success; and in Chapter 6 is a short biography of the author: Alexander. Books by Alexander are written from information and experience accumulated by him over many years. They form his 'source material'. From there he excerpts materials, rearranges, modifies and updates them to the taste of an identified group of Readers. So, there may be parts of materials common to two books. The title of each of his books is made to serve the earnest desire of each group of readers. For instance, the title 'You Are Not Alone' focuses on bringing comfort and consolation to one in trouble. The title 'GOALS, Aims, Aspirations: How to Attain Them without Funding' focuses on assisting the Reader to attain objectives from own resources. The two books may have one or more common chapters, each chapter slightly amended to suit the Readers of each title. So, to ensure that you purchase a book reasonably or completely different from a previous one purchased by you, you are advised to read the table of contents. If you find one or more new chapters that interest you in the new book, you then have a good reason to buy it. Yes, he was born into a Christian family, yet he researches other religions, histories, and sciences. So, he writes books on 'Peace, Happiness, Success, Love, and Good Health via natural means'. Alexander is a born practitioner of the art of 'Meditation'. Neither Mum nor Dad, Teacher, Priest, nor anyone taught him the art of 'Meditation'. He started it spontaneously at age 14 in the secondary school in which he was a boarder. After 61 years of practicing 'Meditation', [Alex now, through God's love, age 75] he has assembled a lot of information on his subjects of meditation: 'Peace, natural Good Health, Happiness, Success and Love'. His cover page photograph was taken at age 71 by one of his daughters: Joanna Jumbo. More recent photos are in his website: www.jehovahisgood.com Alexander lived in Africa for 38 years, and has lived in Europe for 37 years. Residing in London UK, he holidays mostly in the countries of North America and South America. Alexander, when he searched for a job, accepted the next available one while waiting for a better one. So, he has been engaged in both manual and professional employments. For him, no job beneficial to humanity could be considered mean. His previous employment was public accountancy practice. Dear Reader, it is interesting to apply the powers of your mind in solving your problems. To solve a big problem quickly, one should spare time and effort to practice these techniques. A hard worker at them achieves goals early. These 'EVER SUCCESSFUL' Methods in this Book plant 'Belief' inside readers. Practicing the Methods makes Belief grow. The more it grows, the more we obtain what we want. I wish you a very pleasant reading of this Book.

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Released January 9, 2018
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