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Welcome Future Coder! Are You Ready To Learn And Start Programming With C# In 2 Hours? The C# programming language was developed as part of the . NET framework of Microsoft. Anders Hejlsberg led this initiative. C# can simply be described as a modern, object-oriented, simple and general-purpose programming language. This book is a beginner's guide to C# and covers all the basic concepts that you need to learn to start writing programs in this language. As the name suggests, C# is an enhanced version of C and C++. Therefore, if you have background knowledge of these programming languages, you will find the learning process for C# much simpler. However, if you have no background of these languages, even then this book should be able to give you a quick start on C#. This book includes many examples that you can try to get the real hang of C# programming language. You may install a local setup or try the online compilers and execution environments available for C#. Practicing is the key to learning a programming language. The more you practice; the better you will get! Just going through the concepts will only help you know the rules, but to learn the language, you will need to actually program in it. Learn, practice, and enjoy your new acquired skills! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Overview Basic Syntax Variables Operators Decision making Loops Much, much more! Download your copy today

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Released January 14, 2018
ISBN13 9781983839733
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Pages 94
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