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Alphabet Rhymes

Leyla V Gromov

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Alphabet Rhymes

Don't miss out on this wonderful book for toddlers and preschool children to help them learn their ABC's! This book makes learning alphabet letters fun. The 6''x9'' trim size is a perfectly portable size and easy for small children to hold in their hands. Just like Nursery Rhymes are a powerful learning source in early literacy, this book too will enable children to become interested in the rhythm and patterns of language in a way that listening to stories does not provide. Rhymes are easy to repeat, so they become some of a child's first sentences. They allow even very young children to speak and understand in full sentences; this is a skill they will need before they are able to read. Rhymes are a great way into learning early phonic skills (the ability to hear, identify and manipulate letter sounds). Rhymes improve a child's vocabulary. Children hear and use new words that they wouldn't come across in everyday language. The rhymes from this book can be enjoyed anytime and anyplace: bedtime, bath time, or riding in a car. Expand your child's vocabulary and have fun! "Alphabet, Rhymes for Children" is perfect for ages 12 months -3 years.

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Released January 14, 2018
ISBN13 9781983847332
Publishers Createspace Independent Publishing Platf
Pages 62
Dimensions 152 229 4 mm   ·   127 g
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