Exchange Setbacks For Winning 2018 - Cynthia Asante - Bøger - Cynthia Asante - 9781999353803 - April 6, 2019

Exchange Setbacks For Winning 2018

Cynthia Asante

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Exchange Setbacks For Winning 2018

Setbacks and Diversions from Life's Journey are no Barrier to The Life You Want to Lead! Counsellor and Behavioral Analyst Cynthia Asante believes investing in yourself, using your unique talents and abilities to help others, and understanding the power of your own mind are key to your true purpose in life. Do you wake up in the morning dreading another day? Are you struggling to work out what exactly will make you content, happy or fulfilled? Do you wonder what happened to the hopes and dreams you once had, seeing them as not only impossible to achieve, but nothing more than a fantasy compared with your life today? If so, now is the time to reflect on the 'Why?' within this negative cycle of thinking and living!Everybody possesses the power to achieve their potential, reach their goals, and realize their dreams. But, somewhere along life's journey, setbacks or diversions from your plans or goals occur, which often lead to procrastination, self-doubt, negative thinking, and fear. Ultimately, you may settle for less, while feeling disenchanted. You live with regret rather than the sense of pride and achievement you hoped for. But what if the setbacks or diversions you have experienced in life could actually be turned to your advantage? What if the only thing stopping you from being the person you have always wanted to be is your own negative mindset?Invest in yourself by questioning why you have been given the unique gifts and talents you possess, and how you can use them to your own advantage to help find your true purpose in life - and ultimately fulfillment through a sense of achievement. Cynthia Asante's Book, 'Exchange Setbacks For Winning: The Secrets To A Prosperous Life' will set you off on this journey of self-re-discovery. Make sense of your own vision of what life should be and follow your own dreams and passions while making a living. Know your unique identity and be strong in knowing your true value and sense of worth. This book will inspire you to create and be successful in the life you truly want. It will help you reconnect with your goals and passions in life, and address your unique reasons for getting up each morning. By the end of this book, you will know that investing in yourself and understanding the power of your own mind are key to unlocking the secrets of what will become your unique success story.

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Released April 6, 2019
ISBN13 9781999353803
Publishers Cynthia Asante
Pages 196
Dimensions 140 × 216 × 11 mm   ·   235 g
Language English