R:E:D: Rescue Endangered by Design - Dorte Rørmann, Polly Cevallos, Lisa Renner - Bøger - Cashmere - 9788799448593 -

R:E:D: Rescue Endangered by Design 1st edition

Dorte Rørmann, Polly Cevallos, Lisa Renner

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R:E:D: Rescue Endangered by Design 1st edition

A very special animal book with incredible photography, a wonderful 320 pages hardcover coffee table book has been released, which is creatively expressed through the art of knitting.

Our vision in the international team of three authors, has been to create a global knitting book to raise awareness for some of the world?s most endangered species.

Each animal was handpicked for its place in nature and its unique features, from all over the world. All with one thing in common they are all Critically Endangered or endanger of becoming extinct in our lifetime. Experts in the IUCN, based in Switzerland, verified all the stories and became contributors and collaborators to this book. Each animal has its own page of Hope where the authors highlight all those that are working hard to save each species and what everyone can do to help.

The designers where each briefed on the animals, and they created 33 different jumpers to represent each animal. Each animal has one design for the adult and one for the child. All the patterns and diagrams for creating the jumpers yourself are found in the book.

We hope that the stories about the endangered species will touch and open people?s hearts and give readers the hope and the tools to get involved and help. Dr. Jane Goodall has written the foreword and for each book sold a certain amount will be donated to the specific NGO?s.

For further information www.rescueendangeredbydesign.com

Media Books     Hardcover Book   (Book with hard spine and cover)
Released Danmark,
Original release date 2019
ISBN13 9788799448593
Publishers Cashmere
Genre Needlework
Pages 320
Dimensions 260 × 280 × 30 mm   ·   1.50 kg
Language English  
Original language English
Artist Lea Hoffmann
Cover Artist Lisa Renner
Cover Illustrator Asger Mortensen
Foreword Author Dr. Jane Goodall
Illustrator Lea Hoffmann
Photographer Asger Mortensen

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