Shock to Shanti - Archana Singh - Bøger - HarperCollins India - 9789352773718 - December 25, 2017

Shock to Shanti

Archana Singh

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Shock to Shanti

Shock to Shanti is an examination of what Archana Singh is committed to - her family, her work and her hobbies - vis-a-vis what she can handle, all influenced by her upbringing as a first-generation American. Divided into four sections, the fifteen essays here encompass a transient stretch known as Archana's mid-life transition. She uses her insight, compassion and humour to turn her personal experiences as a working mother and wife in the bustling city of Manhattan into stories that resonate with every reader juggling the demands of raising a family in a city. Sprinkled throughout are details of her Indian heritage, her immigrant parents' advice based on their village upbringing and insecurities caused by growing up as a minority with one foot each planted in two parts of the world.

192 pages, No

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Released Indien, December 25, 2017
ISBN13 9789352773718
Publishers HarperCollins India
Pages 192
Dimensions 129 × 198 × 10 mm   ·   145 g
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