Sadetod - Bhai Deoghare - Bøger - Bluerosepublisher - 9789354729874 - January 29, 2022


Bhai Deoghare

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"Sadetod" Means "impartially To The Point". Articles of the experiences of an author. Which are laid in front of readers as it is, impartial. Articles that give new dimensions to the thought process. The experiences make you think about our living standards, conditions, how people suffer while running the families. Some political articles with impartial analysis. Articles that give wide-angle to the think tank. On construction sites, experiences are very interesting that shows how people are eager to break the systems. Articles that give perfect safety analysis. All the articles & experiences are unique that readers have never gone through before. Excellent writing skills - as readers always comment, make this book more precious and readable. I am very pleased to share my first book "Sadetod" - "★★★★★★" with love to you all. Please enjoy the reading of the book.

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Released January 29, 2022
ISBN13 9789354729874
Publishers Bluerosepublisher
Pages 214
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 12 mm   ·   317 g
Language Marathi