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Tawaaf e Aalam (Truth of the Life)

Dr Arshiya Kausar

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Tawaaf e Aalam (Truth of the Life)

The draft of the book "Tawaaf-e-Aalam" is infront of me. These articles compiled under 44 different titles on different situations. This is the charactersitic of each and every article

that they are decorated during and at the end with poems and poetries. Therefore the article which was initially presented in the prose later it was molded into poem to solidate the article.( there is no consideration of criticism on her poems at the point).

The research of the author is exhaustive with Qur'anic thought. For this reason, Quranic references are also found in her articles, Ahadith are the cognitive nucleus of all the articles of "Tawaf-e-Alam" . All articles are neutrons and protons of this nucleaus. But these articles divided into numerous topics.all the aspects of training which are essentials in the intellectual building of islamic life are stipulated numereous titles. Similarly dr. Arshiya Kausar decorated her articles with them .

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Released January 29, 2022
ISBN13 9789354729980
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