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Daring Jimmy

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Daring Jimmy

A book for kids and by kids (yes, it's written by two children!). The audience is for boys and girls who DARE. So, if you feel you want to tap into that latent ambition, this book is for you!

The Daring Series of books endeavours to inspire children to be the best they can be by helping them learn about some of the most influential living people of our generation through the lens of curiosity of children themselves.

Written by two children - Chamonix & Leon, this book is a based on real interviews they did with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia - on his life, his successes and his failures. The graphic novel covers weighty topics, but its graphical rendering makes it light and easy reading. It ends with reflections of the authors, and urges children to participate through reflection on their own learnings.

Who knows, your child could also win the Daring Awards - the awards we have instituted for kids who dare!

Book Introduction by Jimmy Wales

As the founder of Wikipedia, there is a tonne of information about me covering every aspect of my adult life on the Internet.

But that's not the whole story of me. This book is. It takes us to where it all began...

It's easy to forget that many years ago, I was 5 years old. And then 10. And then 15. I was an ordinary kid. With ordinary friends. And an ordinary daily routine. Funnily, it was that ordinary childhood that led to an extraordinary life for me. Because, if you spend the time to get to know yourself, that's what happens.

So when Chamonix & Leon approached me (they were just 10 & 8 at the time) about an interview that would have me talking about my earliest years, my only response was "yes!". That interview and subsequent conversations is now this book - in a beautifully illustrated graphic novel.

If you are young, trying to discover what you love and figure out your place in the world, I hope that my story will help in some little way.

- Jimmy Wales
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Released February 14, 2023
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