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Construction Safety and Psychology

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Construction Safety and Psychology

With the rapid development of China's construction industry, construction accidents are commonplace. Among them, the human factor in the process of construction safety management is considered the most important influencing factor. As a new generation of Chinese construction workers gradually takes the mainstream, traditional construction site safety management theories do not achieve good results in the application process. Psychological hazards within the organizational structure of construction sites are difficult to detect and, when they occur, can have a significant negative impact on safety performance. The identification and control of psychological hazards within construction sites is of great significance to safety performance. Affective event theory and leader-member exchange theory have been prominent in revealing aspects of workplace communication and behavioral decision making, but their use in the construction industry has been relatively rare. For construction groups, individuals are influenced by the team climate that has a tremendous impact on their behavioral decisions. Analyzing the mutual influence of managers and construction personnel is important to provide safety awareness, reduce unsafe behaviors, and reduce the incidence of safety accidents among construction personnel.
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Released December 28, 2022
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