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Companioned Prayer

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Companioned Prayer

This book is primarily for those who already practice Companioned Prayer, and wish to know more about it, and may wish to share it via teaching or in ministry. This book is not recommended for initially learning the prayer. First, experience learning and practicing the prayer for a few months with friends in a small group as described at www. Then, with the inner graced experience of the prayer familiar to you, this book will help you understand the prayer more in-depth, and will provide additional information for teaching the prayer or for sharing it in ministry. Companioned Prayer is an amazing prayer that opens our hearts to the direct experience of God's grace felt and known inside us through Jesus' love, mercy and understanding. It is a wonderful encounter that nurtures us personally, calling us into divine love and grace. Use this book for additional guidance after you have learned and experienced the prayer.
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Released December 24, 2022
ISBN13 9798363239540
Publishers Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
Pages 260
Dimensions 139 × 215 × 14 mm   ·   331 g
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