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Not Your Classic Fairy Tales

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Not Your Classic Fairy Tales

What if Cinderella didn't have a fairy godmother and Sleeping Beauty's curse couldn't be cured with a kiss?

The princesses in these non-magical re-imaginings must rely on God and the strength found in true friendships to overcome the odds and discover their destinies.

A Jaded Heart:

Isobel chooses life imprisonment over her fiance's death when he picks a rose for her from the maze of a strict, reclusive lord.

The Narcoleptic Maiden:

Aida longs to fulfill her dream of a life outside of her padded bedroom prison.

Raven and the Seven Woodsmen:

Raven's narcissistic stepmother wants her dead. During her rescue, she discovers a life she never knew she wanted.

The Thief and the Princess:

A thief falls for a princess he accidentally helps kidnap.

The Queen's Arrow:

Ella overhears a plot to assassinate the queen and must figure out a way to warn her before she is killed.

The Island Princess:

Mirielle gets herself into more trouble than she bargained for when she breaks a trespasser out of the dungeon and discovers who killed her mother.

The real magic in these tales is found within the faith, courage, and loyalty of the characters and their friend
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Released March 21, 2023
ISBN13 9798493511929
Publishers Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
Pages 332
Dimensions 139 × 215 × 18 mm   ·   421 g
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