Learning How To Read Music Notation In 30 Days - Pamela Elgar - Bøger - Independently Published - 9798594574823 - January 13, 2021

Learning How To Read Music Notation In 30 Days

Pamela Elgar

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Learning How To Read Music Notation In 30 Days

Music theory is a practice musicians use to understand and communicate the language of music. Musical theory examines the fundamentals of music. It also provides a system to interpret musical compositions.

Believe it or not, your level of understanding of music theory can make or break your ability to advance as a musician. No matter how long you've been playing, learning music theory can help you seriously improve your skills and overall comprehension of music. With a little bit of time, dedication, and effort, you can use music theory to become the musician you've always wanted to be.

With over 150 music examples, over 100 written exercises, 10 listening challenges, expert tips, lesson summaries, and a final test, you'll learn:

The essentials of music theory, How rhythm REALLY works, The complete system behind musical notes, The crucial details of music notation (with 150+ examples), How to express your musical ideas with expression marks.

Hundreds of beginner students have successfully gone through this practical system to master musical notation and fundamental music theory. Now, it's your turn!

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Released January 13, 2021
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