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Algonquin Park's Portage Store

Gaye I Clemson

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Algonquin Park's Portage Store

Established by Molly Colson and her husband Ed, the then proprietors of the Algonquin Hotel just after Highway 60 opened in the mid-1930s, the P-Store, as the locals, call it has had many reincarnations. Learn about the history of this venerable institution, which hosts every week from the Victoria Day Weekend in late May to Thanksgiving in early October, hundreds of visitors venture to Canoe Lake who have come for an afternoon paddle, to pick up last minute suppliers or permits or just an ice cream cone or a Canoe Lake memory from the gift shop on a hot summer day. Whatever type of visitor, there is always something of interest at the Portage Store.

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Released February 4, 2020
ISBN13 9798608451850
Publishers Independently Published
Pages 100
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