Stage (Ltd Ed Box Blu-ray+dvd) - Thunder - Film - EARMUSIC - 4029759126577 - March 23, 2018
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Stage (Ltd Ed Box Blu-ray+dvd) Limited edition


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Stage (Ltd Ed Box Blu-ray+dvd) Limited edition

Having gained the top-line status that their talent demands, 2017 was the year that Thunder embarked on a vast headlining arena tour through Europe, North America & Asia. Besides countless hours doing what they do best, this arena tour also resulted in a fulminant recording of one of these shows. "Stage" perfectly manages to capture the essence of the exhilarating atmosphere that was present that special night in Cardiff - live at Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on March 24th 2017. The show features various songs from different points of reference of the Thunder era - an era full of celebrated records and incredible talent for live performance. An accrued selection of

fan-favorite classics like "Low Life In High Places" or "Love Walked In" was sandwiched between interesting current titles like "Rip It Up" or "She Likes The Cocaine" - making it a great fit for new fans and long enthusiasts alike. The recording has been made available in a vast array of formats; ranging from CD or vinyl, to DVD and Blu-Ray, and a very special limited edition box set - making sure every fans gets exactly what they want and need.


Media Movies     Blu-ray/DVD   (Blu-ray and DVD) × 2
Released Tyskland, March 23, 2018
EAN/UPC 4029759126577
Label EARMUSIC 0212657EMU
Genre Local
Dimensions 216 g
Region code Region 2   (Europa)
Language English  

Track list

  1. 1.   Blu-ray/DVD  

    1. No One Gets out Alive (Live at the Motorpoint Aren
    2. The Enemy Inside (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    3. River of Pain (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    4. Resurrection Day (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    5. Right from the Start (Live at the Motorpoint Arena
    6. Backstreet Symphony (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    7. Higher Ground (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    8. In Another Life (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    9. The Thing I Want (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    10. Don't Wait for Me (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    11. Rip It Up (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    12. Love Walked in (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    13. I Love You More Than Rock'n'roll (Live at the Moto
    14. Wonder Days (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    15. She Likes the Cocaine (Live at the Motorpoint Aren
    16. Dirty Love (Live at the Motorpoint Arena)
    17. Ripping Up the Wonder (The Bus Interviews)
    18. Themes (The Bus Interviews)
    19. Recording the Album (The Bus Interviews)
    20. Call the Cops! (The Bus Interviews)
    21. Thunderous Momentum (The Bus Interviews)
    22. The Show (The Bus Interviews)
    23. Evolution & Future (The Bus Interviews)
  2. 2.   Blu-ray/DVD  

    1. Wonder Days (Live at the 100 Club)
    2. Black Water (Live at the 100 Club)
    3. River of Pain (Live at the 100 Club)
    4. Chasing Shadows (Live at the 100 Club)
    5. Broken (Live at the 100 Club)
    6. The Devil Made Me Do It (Live at the 100 Club)
    7. Backstreet Symphony (Live at the 100 Club)
    8. I'll Be Waiting (Live at the 100 Club)
    9. Resurrection Day (Live at the 100 Club)
    10. The Thing I Want (Live at the 100 Club)
    11. Love Walked in (Live at the 100 Club)
    12. I Love You More Than Rock'n'roll (Live at the 100
    13. The Rocker (Live at the 100 Club)
    14. Dirty Love (Live at the 100 Club)
    15. Stand Up (29 Minutes Later)
    16. Resurrection Day (29 Minutes Later)
    17. Black Water (29 Minutes Later)
    18. Don't Say That (29 Minutes Later)
    19. River of Pain (29 Minutes Later)
    20. Backstreet Symphony (29 Minutes Later)
    21. A Difficult Day in January (The Documentary)

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