The Lone Gunmen - The Complete Series - The Lone Gunmen - the Complete - Movies - 20th Century Fox - 5039036023412 - January 30, 2006
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The Lone Gunmen - The Complete Series

The Lone Gunmen - the Complete

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The Lone Gunmen - The Complete Series

All 13 episodes from the popular US sci-fi series created by Chris Carter ('The X Files'). The computer-hacking, conspiracy-exposing Lone Gunmen are always looking for that next big government cover-up that would bring their newsletter, 'The Lone Gunman', national attention. Whether in their secret underground office or in the back of their old VW bus, this bumbling and often socially inept trio is routinely derided by their peers.

Now with a young, idealistic new member and a mysterious exotic female who is always one step ahead of them, the Lone Gunmen are double determined to protect millions of Americans by exposing truths that some would rather keep hidden. Episodes comprise: 'Pilot', 'Bond, Jimmy Bond', 'Eine Kleine Frohike', 'Like Water For Octane', 'Three Men And A Smoking Diaper', 'Madam, I'm Adam', 'Planet Of The Frohikes: A Short History Of My Demeaning Captivity', 'Maximum Byers', 'Diagnosis: Jimmy', 'Tango De Los Pistoleros', 'The Lying Game', 'All About Yves' and 'The Cap'n Toby Show'.


Media Movies     DVD
Number of discs 3
Released January 30, 2006
EAN/UPC 5039036023412
Label 20th Century Fox 2924701012
Genre Action
Dimensions 191 × 153 × 28 mm   ·   170 g
Playtime 09:00:00
Region code Region 2   (Europa)
Language English   Spanish  
Subtitles English Spanish

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