Lolita - James Mason - Movies - WARNER BROTHERS - 7321900655415 - September 10, 2001
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James Mason

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Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's controversial LOLITA is a wicked satire of sexual obsession, sadomasochism, and fetishism. When mild-mannered professor Humbert Humbert (James Mason) arrives in the small town of Ramsdale, New Hampshire, he is immediately set upon by his landlady, Charlotte Haze (Shelley Winters), and her adolescent daughter, Lolita (Sue Lyon). Although Humbert gets involved with Charlotte, it is Lolita with whom he becomes obsessed. When Charlotte sends her daughter away to summer camp (the aptly named Camp Climax), Humbert becomes consumed with jealousy. When he finally takes Lolita out of camp and heads out alone with her, he is pestered along the way by Clare Quilty (played magnificently by Peter Sellers), who threatens to expose him. But nothing can break the hold Lolita has over Humbert.
From the opening credits sequence--a close-up of a man's hand (with a wedding ring) carefully polishing a young girl's toenails--Kubrick's LOLITA burns with sexual energy that is biting, ironic, and darkly comic as it follows the debasement of an intelligent, worldly man in a series of carefully choreographed long takes that boils over with psychosexual tension. Although little physical contact is shown, Kubrick hints at it beautifully, especially in the drive-in scene in which both Charlotte and Lolita grab on to Humbert's hands. And yet given the serious nature of the subject matter, Kubrick pauses long enough to include a riotous slapstick scene of Humbert and a bellhop struggling over a cot as Lolita sleeps quietly on the bed, as well as Quilty playing Ping-Pong with a seemingly endless supply of balls. Stanley Kubrick's highly controversial masterwork is a fascinating look at pedophilia and sexual taboos that lead to obsession and murder.


Media Movies     DVD
Released EU, September 10, 2001
Original release date 1997
EAN/UPC 7321900655415
Label WARNER BROTHERS 1000085982
Genre Comedy
Dimensions 190 × 140 × 15 mm   ·   82 g
Playtime 02:32:00
Region code Region 2   (Europa)
Language English   German   Arabic   Bulgarian   Spanish   French   Italian   Dutch   Portuguese   Romanian  
Subtitles English German Arabic Bulgarian Spanish French Italian Dutch Portuguese Romanian
Cinematographer Oswald Morris
Editor Anthony Harvey
Primary Contributor James Mason
Primary Contributor Shelley Winters
Producer Eliot Hyman
Producer James B. Harris
Writer Stanley Kubrick
Writer Vladimir Nabokov
Skuespiller James Mason
Skuespiller Gary Cockrell
Skuespiller Shelley Winters
Skuespiller Sue Lyon
Skuespiller Jerry Stovin

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