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Monsters Uni Inc Doublepack

Monsters University / Monsters Inc

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Monsters Uni Inc Doublepack

Double bill of children's animated features from Disney Pixar. In 'Monsters, Inc.' (2001) Sulley (voiced by John Goodman) and sidekick Mike (Billy Crystal) are the top scaring team on the job at an energy firm where their task is to keep Monstropolis ticking over, running it on the power generated by children screaming. Believing children are toxic, dangerous creatures who must be kept out of Monstropolis at all costs, Mike and Sulley are terrified when they realise that a little girl called 'Boo' (Mary Gibbs) has followed them back through a door.

Slowly they realise that little Boo isn't actually dangerous at all and uncover a sinister plot that exists behind the company's happy facade, involving creepy arch-rival scarer Randall (Steve Buscemi). The prequel 'Monsters University' (2013) chronicles the college years of Sulley and Mike. After meeting at university, the pair soon become rivals.

When they are rejected from the 'Scare' programme, however, they put their differences aside and work together in order to fulfil their ambition to become scarers. In the process they join a fraternity of fellow rejects and compete in the Scare Games to prove their worth.

Media Movies     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
Released Polen, November 11, 2013
EAN/UPC 8717418414863
Label WALT DISNEY BUH0196201
Genre Animation
Dimensions 177 × 165 × 32 mm   ·   216 g
Region code Region B   (Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and Oceania)
Language English  
Subtitles English French Dutch

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